About Us

Engaging Learning Experiences

IDL is a consulting firm, learning experience agency, and research institute dedicated to experiential learning for adult learners. Digital content used in corporate learning and higher education has significantly shifted away from lecture based teaching to more immersive ways of learning. As learners are now more used to learning in the style appropriate for them, organizations need to adapt their learning content to multimodal ways of learning.

IDL works with universities, large to medium-sized corporations and start-ups to create experiential and immersive content that fits your organization’s’ learning goals. We advise on the best use of content, course design, content production, and learning technologies.

Our learning experience team of instructional designers, video producers, visual designers, process designers, and programmers will help you produce your next online course, flipped and  blended learning offering, or synchronous learning experience. We create high-quality lecture video content, interactive case studies, visual simulations, and interactive learning tools incorporating gamification and virtual reality.